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Senior Pastor

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By the age of twelve, I had decided to ultimately pursue a graduate studies in clinical psychology. In retrospect, I can see that the desire God implanted in my heart to see people healed and restored would have naturally led me into the ministry; but, because my Christian tradition did not allow for women in leadership; I was unable to explore this option. Consequently, I pursued the study of clinical psychology and twelve years later graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1994 with a BA in Psychology, two years of research experience, and a year practical experience in a clinical internship at Napa State Mental Hospital. In anticipation of ten more years of intense study, I took some time off after graduation and lived/studied abroad for about a year and a half.

After returning home to begin graduate school, I felt unsettled in my relationship with God. I went in search of Him and decided to try a Pentecostal church. At this point I had tried every type of Christian church without finding what my heart was longing to see, longing to be. At first, the emotionalism was quite daunting and contrary to my rather non-demonstrative personality, but, something was drawing me and the people were so inviting and compelling, so, I continued to attend. These people reflected the nature and character of Christ in a profound and dynamic way and were filled with joy rather than condemnation! It was something I had been looking for all my life. It stirred in me a hunger for greater intimacy in my own relationship with God. And after three months of attending services, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and my whole life took on a dramatic new shape as I entered a time of personal transformation where my goals and priorities underwent a fundamental shift. Several months later, I applied to a PsyD program in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute and was accepted. But as I was standing at the crossroads in this life decision, the Lord asked me to give up my career in Clinical Psychology in order to embrace the call to ministry; so, I declined my offer for graduate school and allowed the Lord to train and prepare me for ministry.

Over the next few years, with the help of the Holy Spirit, everything in my life drastically changed. I longed for holiness that I might resemble my Savior; and in the midst of that transformation, the Lord challenged my choices, my relationships, and my goals. Everything had to pass through a cleansing process informed by scripture and guided by the Holy Spirit. As the Lord shed His light on every area of my life, His love challenged me to reflect both His glory and sacrificial nature. The Lord became my upmost priority, as I spent the next three years devoting my time to the study of the word, devotion to prayer and the spiritual disciplines, and the ministry of the gospel.

My friends could not understand the dramatic transformation, and as a result I was challenged to find creative and theologically sound ways in which to share my experience and relationship with the Lord. Many of the most impacting spiritual experiences occurred in situations where I sought to redeem a broken relationship through forgiveness with those who had previously injured me. As a result, evangelism became an abiding passion in these formative years as the Lord used me as an instrument of reconciliation. My decisions, goals, and relationships are informed by my intimate relationship with Jesus Christ; my greatest desire is to see Jesus and hear Him say to me “Good and faithful servant, in whom I am well pleased, come and receive your reward.” Consequently, my life has turned into an incredible faith journey.

A journey that led me to my wonderful husband and love of my life, Chad Brenden Adams and our beautiful blessings, boy-girl twins born in 2013 (Caspian Jean-Etienne Adams and Crimson-Kate Delacroix Adams). We have been married since 2000, and it has been such a blessing to see God's work through our lives together. We have both served in different areas of ministry, but, by far, the most beautiful is Trinity Christian Center. As senior pastor and steward over the Lord's vision for this church plant, we have felt our hearts captivated by the Lord's plan for Trinity. A multi-generational, multi-cultural, and socio-economically diverse congregation of first generation Christians whose love and passion for God is demonstrated by their love for one another. I count it as an honor and privilege to be part of what God is doing in Trinity as we reach out to our community and the world with God's love through the power of the Holy Spirit.